Wrong postcode on leaflets: should be NE26 4QZ

Please note that the post code on the gallery leaflets is incorrect: it should be NE26 4QZ  not NE26 4ZN. As it has only been pointed out once I am presuming people are looking at the map on the back of the leaflets instead.

Graffiti Ceramics

New work by June Roddam of local graffiti and gold gilt on ceramics. See if you recognise any of the images.June roddam urban graffiti 1 2 copy

New work by Luca Serra

Luca Serra has produced new work that can be seen in the Tower House Gallery. Duality has already sold but here is a picture to show its complexity. Luca has got Panagia, a new piece, Dreams of a Silver Birch and a number of new smaller leaf sculptures in the gallery.luca serra duality4 oak.DNG.JPG-4luca serra panagia4 laburnum copy

Art by Natasha Armstrong

New paintings and prints by Natasha Armstrong, a young artist from County Durham, who has turned negative aspects of the pandemic to her advantage by pursuing an interest she has always had in art.  natasha appleby

New work by Roger Newbrook

New work in the Tower House Gallery by Roger Newbrook.  His photographic techniques stem from screen projections using multi-media for moving background graphics for live band performances.  He developed this technique to capture photographic prints, some of which have been used on album covers by the Cocteau Twins.roger newbrook another-insatiable-secret

marrion morrison sycamore-gap_orig

New work by Marion Morrison

New work by Marion Morrison in print of her delicate watercolours. More details on the gallery Artists work and gallery shop.

Reopening Wednesday 14th April

At last the Tower House Gallery is open again today on Wednesday 14th April. From the website you can see there is a wide range of art for sale in the gallery.

There is also a wide range of used art books for sale. People can bring in any art books they no longer need to sell in the gallery and we will refund you 60% of every sale.  Any art subject will be accepted for sale.  For instance topics such  as architecture, design, crafts, antiques and photography are all relevant.

The gallery is definitely reopening on Wednesday 2nd December, the usual hours of Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm.

With One Voice will continue until Sunday 20th December showing the paintings of Mary Hardwick and the ceramics of Ali Barden.

Look up work in the gallery by artists or category of art or browse the online shop.

The gallery will shut on Christmas Eve at 2pm and reopen after  Christmas on the 30th December, shutting again at 2pm on New Years Eve.

It will reopen after New Year on Saturday 2nd January.