Elspeth Horsfield

Artistic Statement

I've always painted and drawn, and was lucky enough to discover painting on silk. I love its free flowing nature, the vibrancy of the colours, and the sheen of the silk. These scarves are the result.
I paint in the colours with steam fix professional dyes, and may use salt, sugar, wax and alcohol (on the silk!) to achieve different effects. I work very intuitively letting patterns and images emerge as the work develops. I like to experiment and designs are evolving all the time. I often begin with an idea and am surprised by the end result. I take my inspiration from the medium itself, from the processes and patterns of nature, and from the beauty and textures of the Northumberland countryside. Many of my designs are abstract: dots/stripes/explosions of colour. I also like to paint the things I love: landscapes, wine bottles and glasses, apples, boots.
When finished painting I fix the colours by steaming the scarves.
I use 3 weights of silk:
Silk Chiffon 3.5 - very light and sometimes a challenge to work on as its so transparent.
Ponge 5 -light and floaty.
Habotai 8 - slightly heavier with a nice drape.

Come For a Visit

Tower House Gallery, Collywell Bay Road, Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay NE26 4QZ

Tel. 0191 4528301

Email: rose.di-mascio@sky.com

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