Studio for rent

We have a studio for rent with a ceramic kiln for use whenever needed. The terms of the rent would be negotiated depending on the amount of involvement you would want with the gallery. For instance you may want to use the gallery as an exhibition space for which we could waiver commission if you are renting a space and helping run the gallery. If you would like to be involved with the gallery it would be very helpful and would be a good learning experience. We are looking for someone to look after the gallery one day a week as I rely on volunteers to do this. Obviously if you are wanting to exhibit your work in the gallery we would have to see your work.

The gallery is also exhibiting environmental themes so if you have an interest in that area you are very welcome.

Volunteers welcome

We are looking for anyone who is genuinely interested in art to volunteer 1 day a week to look after the gallery. You will have plenty of support and it will be a learning opportunity. You can meet and chat to customers and it is a very social experience. There is also the opportunity to do your own work in the studio area if you like on the quieter periods of the day.  Please email, ring or text Rose if interested.



Plastics In Birds Exhibition

We will give you a date for  the summer exhibition soon that will demonstrate the work of the Dove Marine Laboratory’s work on analysis of the stomach contents of seabirds, mainly fulmars. This research is being coordinated in the Netherlands involving many countries around the world. The North East coast is one of the sites used to collect the birds. Be prepared for some grim images and analysis. We hope to make it hard hitting to inspire people to change their habits.