Exhibition space to hire for temporary exhibitions

We are offering temporary exhibition space in the gallery. The temporary space will consist of up to 30m square hanging space downstairs and 25m square hanging space upstairs on screens in the central areas of each room. These rooms can be viewed on the Tower House Gallery Facebook page, showing how a previous temporary exhibition for a local school was displayed. The screens available are white rather than the dark screens shown in the pictures. There will also be display cabinets for 3D work available. The temp. space will have a daily rate rather than sale or return basis and no commission rates. The pricing for hire of the display areas will be:

Downstairs room for 4 days: £120
Downstairs room for 8 days: £200
Downstairs room for 12 days: £260
Downstairs room for 16 days: £300

Downstairs and upstairs room for 4 days: £180
Downstairs and upstairs room for 8 days: £280
Downstairs and upstairs room for 12 days: £360
Downstairs and upstairs room for 16 days: £420

For public bodies such as schools the fees will be halved.

As the gallery is open 4 days a week this is the easiest way to display the prices. There will be staff available in the gallery during opening hours. The selection of exhibitors and availability are at the discretion of the gallery.

If any of the work is seen to be appropriate for the gallery on a regular basis then the exhibitor will be offered a sale or return space in the gallery for these pieces once there is exhibition space available.

The temporary space will be available from 6th July onwards. The gallery does its own promotion online and in various magazines and can promote temporary exhibitions. The exhibitors are encouraged to do their own promotion also as it all helps. If the exhibitor would like to hold an opening evening or event this can be arranged with the gallery. Costing of an event will depend upon the facilities needed.

Please contact rose.di-mascio@sky.com or tel/text 07946874416.