Paul Judson

Artistic Statement

Paul trained as a graphic artist, majoring in illustration, and taught art and design in Leicestershire schools and colleges for 15 years. he subsequently left teaching to attend theological college in Durham and, since ordination has remained in the North East. In 1993 he was invited to set up a newspaper for the Diocese of Durham (CofE) and this eventually led to him becoming Director of Communications, a job he continued he retired in 2011. Alongside his work he has always drawn and painted and his work has been included in a number of exhibitions and galleries over the years.

Since retiring, in addition to his painting, he has had the time and facilities to return to making ceramic sculptures, something he used to do whilst living and working in Leicestershire. His ceramic pieces are hand-built using the slab technique and mostly based on landscape which includes the urban landscape as well as rural. He says he has always been fascinated by old buildings and in his ceramic sculptures he is exploring the way buildings fit together as well as the contrast between architectural and organic forms.

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