Robert Myers

Artistic Statement

I am a North East Coast of England based artist. My history is computer graphics visualisation with over 20 years of experience growing up within a developing industry. I had grown tired and uninspired as my role was leading to less creative work and more managerial duties. This spurred me to start painting which is something I had always craved to do but with young children and work commitments never had the time.
In October 2018 I was given an opportunity to leave this industry and grabbed it with open arms. I have one goal in mind and that is to paint. I love working in oil and try to capture the world around me. My time is split between mainly tsudio and some "en plein air" painting and I am always looking for scenes that lift my spirits. From the inspirational coastline of the North East to the Lake District and beyond. I have been looking at more expressionistic styles which allow viewers to interpret my scenes for themselves. This has led to my City paintings.

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Tower House Gallery, Collywell Bay Road, Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay NE26 4QZ

Tel. 0191 4528301


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